Eliminate Insects

We understand that trash cans are the perfect environment for a variety of pests. That is why our trash can cleaning services include pest and bug prevention. Ants, cockroaches, maggots and flies are just a few types of insects that find the discarded remains of last night’s dinner to be a welcoming environment.

Chances are, your trash bin is close to your home, if not right inside your garage. If your bin goes without cleaning, it will produce odors, which will be sure to get the attention of these unwanted pests. Consequently, the bin being inside or close to your home will draw them right in. Avoid an infestation of bugs or a run in with a raccoon or other pest with our trash can cleaning services.

It's better to keep your trash can as far away from your home as you can, but many HOAs have restrictions about this. Another thing that can help with pest control is keeping the lid on the trash can, but without a lock, pests can still find their way in. The simple truth is dirty trash cans bring unwanted visitors in or close to your home. Keeping your garbage can clean with our trash can cleaning services is the best way to prevent insects and rodents from negatively impacting the health of your home and those in it. While it might seem sufficient to rinse your can out by yourself, without the proper heat and sanitation you are putting yourself and others at risk.

If you are in need of a garbage can cleanup to get rid of unwanted pests, please reach out to us.